Angry Birds Space Gameplay ShotOK, so the more I see of Angry Birds Space, the more excited I get.  Angry Birds Space takes the game play mechanics that we all know and love and literally turns it upside down.  The use of gravity in the game has me really excited about the new game mechanics and I love… Continue reading


For players who have completed all the levels in the original version and the two spin-offs and have been waiting for something new, we have some good news for you. Proving that the game has nowhere to continue to go but up, Rovio will release Angry Birds Space on March 22nd. A 20-second teaser video… Continue reading

Angry Birds FacebookRovio, the maker of Angry Birds, is preparing for their February 14th roll out on Facebook and its 800 million users, and they are revealing a few new details about the release. As many have anticipated, there will be new levels exclusive to the Facebook version.

Rovio will follow the successful model… Continue reading

Angry-Bird-BrainIt’s not like you needed an excuse to play Angry Birds, but here is some good news. Playing Angry Birds might actually be good for you! A Berkeley study conducted on elderly patients has found that playing puzzle and strategy games which stimulate the brain can improve memory and reduce levels of a protein called amyloid, which is… Continue reading

Angry Birds Android ScamWe’re all used to the ‘Play games for free!’ banner at the top of some websites that we visit. Even when we get a seemingly alarming “Virus detected!” pop-up message, it’s kind of like the new eyesore billboard we see on the way home. We notice it the first couple of times… Continue reading

angry-birds-facebookRovio has announced that the Angry Birds will finally be making its first appearance on Facebook on February 14th!  It sure took them long enough!  When we learned that Google Plus scored Angry Birds for their release, we assumed that the Facebook version was just around the corner.  Boy, were we wrong!!  Several months later, it looks like… Continue reading

Angry Birds Year of the Dragon WalkthroughWe have updated our Angry Birds Seasons walkthrough section with Rovio’s latest episode: Angry Birds Year of the Dragon.  Watch our Angry Birds Year of the Dragon walkthrough videos to turbo charge your scores and earn three stars for each of the new 15 levels.  You… Continue reading

Angry-Birds-Seasons-Year-of-the-DragonRovio has released Angry Birds Seasons Year of the Dragon simultaneously for iOS and Android, Yeahhhh!!!  Year of the Dragon is celebrates Chinese New Year and the levels are decorated with fireworks, glowing lanterns, and red envelopes bursting with money.  The level pack introduces 15 new challenging levels and the Mighty Eagle becomes the Mighty Dragon.  The Mighty… Continue reading

Angry Birds Year of the DragonWatch out Angry Birds fans, Angry Birds Seasons will be getting an update on January 20th!  The name of the update is Angry Birds Year of the Dragon.  This update marks the second Asian themed Angry Birds level pack.  We were treated to the first with Angry Birds… Continue reading

Angry Birds Happy Birthday WalkthroughIt is the Angry Birds’ second anniversary and Rovio is treating all of us with an Angry Birds update.  Angry Birds Happy Birthday is a free update to Angry Birds (bringing the version up to 2.0) and introduces 15 new birthday themed levels, a new Golden Egg, and a new… Continue reading

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